UPS Units

Giving You Back The Power

For nearly 20 years I was employed a salesman for a well-known New Zealand industrial switch manufacturer (one of their products is used in our system), whenever there was a natural disaster or normal power supply was unavailable, just how much Kiwis were inconvenienced. This got me started on thinking about a complete solution. A few years ago, we moved to a very rural Waikato location where power cuts are extremely common this really sped up my thinking, because now it was a problem for our family, so I set about doing the Kiwi thing and making a few concepts in the shed.

Your power supply is not guaranteed and probably never will be, just think back to the devastation in Christchurch and Kaikoura let alone what happens in winter with our fickle weather. Prepare today for what could happen tomorrow because like they the saying goes – There no use shutting the gate once the horse has bolted.

Our Solution

To complement our back up generator systems, we can supply Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units. These units ensure that critical appliances NEVER lose power in the event of a power outage before you are able to power up your generator.

How it Works

Our UPS units are a standalone unit that just plugs into the wall socket. The units have standby batteries inbuilt along with clever systems to determine when to activate the batteries. We recommend a 6-outlet version. 3 outputs are surge protected and 3 outputs are surge protected and have battery backup. When the mains power fails, the battery kicks in without any power loss at all to the battery backed up outlets. GP Power Solutions recommend these for critical appliances such as modems, cordless phones and desktop computers. This will allow you to shut down your computer safely and run your cordless phone and modem until the generator powers these circuits.

*In-depth instructions and documentation provided upon purchase.*

Pricing – Coming soon