Back up Generator

Giving You Back The Power

For nearly 20 years I was employed a salesman for a well-known New Zealand industrial switch manufacturer (one of their products is used in our system), whenever there was a natural disaster or normal power supply was unavailable, just how much Kiwis were inconvenienced. This got me started on thinking about a complete solution. A few years ago, we moved to a very rural Waikato location where power cuts are extremely common this really sped up my thinking because now it was a problem for our family, so I set about doing the Kiwi thing and making a few concepts in the shed.

Your power supply is not guaranteed and probably never will be, just think back to the devastation in Christchurch and Kaikoura let alone what happens in winter with our fickle weather. Prepare today for what could happen tomorrow because like they the saying goes – There no use shutting the gate once the horse has bolted.

Our Solution

Currently, we have 2 Generator solutions to give you back the power. We supply a high capacity Generator, suitable 10m flex, plug and connector and a GP Power Solutions smart control box. Wiring for the generator has to be done by a qualified electrician. GP Power Solutions will recommend a member of Master Electricians who will install your system following our guidelines. They will charge you directly for the install.

How it Works

With our system, when mains power fails, there is no need to panic. Go to the GP Power Control box and turn the MCB to OFF and the MAINS-OFF GEN switch to OFF. Plug the lead in, first into the inlet on the control box (remembering to lock in the plug with the blue collar) then into the generator, remembering to lock in the plug with the blue collar, and then start the generator. At the control box, turn the switch to GEN. This will now power your house form the generator. Depending on your load you may have to load share what you are using.

*In-depth instructions and documentation provided upon purchase.*

Essentials Solution – Petrol

This is our most cost-effective solution. The 32-amp generator will power the essential parts of your home’s electrical network such as wall outlets, lights and small appliances.

Essentials Solution – Diesel

This is our most cost-effective solution. The 32-amp diesel generator should have no problem powering your entire house during an outage, ensuring that you can continue living without any hassle!

New Builds

Building a new home? Why not future proof it, and maybe even increase its value, or appeal when it comes time to sell?

This system integrates with your new home’s wiring and gets installed by the electrician when they wire your home. The switch gets fitted to the existing main switchboard inside, the plug fits to the exterior. When mains power fails a generator can be plugged into the inlet (max 32A) and you will have power to your existing lights and power outlets. I have included a table for reference of what is possible to run with a 32A generator supply.

New Build System (No Generator) 1 x M-O-G switch, 32A Over current protection device, 10m 4mm Flex (for lead) 1 x industrial 32A Plug, 1 x industrial 32A connector, 2 x Emergency downlights, we suggest you place one above your switchboard and one in your toilet.

$995.00 excluding GST

Control Box and Lead only

Already have a suitable generator? We can supply you with our Smart Control box as well as a Tested & Tagged lead for a plug and play solution to keep you powered! Get in touch to discuss this option.

All prices exclude GST and Freight.