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About Us

We have over 18-years in the electrical industry from a commercial/industrial level to a domestic level.

After working in the electrical industry for many years we found that New Zealand’s power supply is not always guaranteed. Natural disasters, fickle weather conditions and our often remote locations lead to prolonged power outages on a regular basis. We have developed a solution which will keep you powered during an outage. We provide all the equipment and systems needed along with installation support.

  • High-capacity generator
  • GP Power Solutions smart control box
  • Test & Tagged high-capacity lead
  • Wiring and installation plans

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Our Services

We can provide a range of solutions to keep you powered during power outages.

Our generator back-up systems will provide power to your entire house in the event of a power outage.
Our UPS systems ensure that vital pieces of equipment never loose power in the event of an outage.
We are qualified to Test & Tag your equipment to ensure it meets health and safety standards.